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Dr. Priya Jain
UVAS Ayurvedic

Dr Priya Jain, MD, The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at UVAS Ayurvedic Centre, is a post graduate in ayurveda and gold medalist in her research work on Udvartanam.

She has an experience of 12years in this field and in India their centre is recognized by international ayurvedic academy. Every year uvas Ayurveda has students from Europe and Japan to learn and practice ayurveda.

Besides a wonderful doctor she loves nature and travelling and strives to make ayurveda easily available for common people. Dr.Priya jain is passionate runner and is associated with Pinkathon. Uvas Ayurveda provides special therapies for marathon runners.


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Mrs. Dr. Rekha Jain

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Mr. Kaushik oswal

Age - 18 Years Karad Maharashtra

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