Garbha Matha Sanskar

Duration 3 Months (Yearly Once)

This course is an online course with Capacity - 25 students

Registration - Register Here

Topics will be released containing audio/video file; ppt and doc file of each topic. Audio/video file can't be downloaded but ppt and doc are downloadable.

Access of course videos will be only for 3 months untill the course ends

There will be a doubt solving session by mail at the end of every month.

The course will start from 11th March 2023 to 10th June 2023.

The medium of instruction will be English. This course has french and spanish translation in form of subtitles and also notes in french and spanish.. The sessions and eligibility may slightly differ from Indian Students keeping in mind, it would be a completely new subject introduced.

Eligibility for Garbha Matha Sanskar Course - Internees with provisional registration, BAMS, M.D., Child educators, Physiotherapists, Degree holders in Yoga, naturopathy and Spiritual healers.


Pregnancy is not a journey of calcium, proteins and Iron supplementation but a beautiful phase in women's life. It's a beautiful journey where she gets attached to the unborn physically, mentally and emotionally. It's not only about the food that she consumes but also her thinking procedure that effects the child in a positive or negative way. Our Acharyas have beautifully mentioned this journey under Garbhini Paricharya, Sutika paricharya, bala paricharya and sanskaras. So, we welcome you all to be a part of this, god gifted heavenly journey and make this phase better in a women's life.

Objectives of the course

Implementing the knowledge gained through this course in practice. Along with the above the main objective of the course is to maintain uniformity in this field of holistic care in pregnancy. As it's not only yoga / meditation/ husband - wife counseling / diet and nutrition counseling/ listening to the mantras / do and dont's in pregnancy but much more. With this course we are trying to cover the Garbha Matha Sanskar in all aspects.


  • 1. Introduction.
  • 2. Safe motherwood with Ayurveda.
  • 3. Values in children, Parenting an art.
  • 4. Sanskaras to know Indian culture.
  • 5. Menarche to Menopause- An Ayurvedic overview.
  • 6. Garbhini Paricharya
  1. a)Diet in pregnancy.
  1. b)Yoga in pregnancy.
  1. c)Garbini abyangam.
  1. d)Meditation in pregnancy.
  • 7. Bal paricharya
  1. a)Baby massage -Balbyangam.
  1. b)Breast feeding.
  1. c)Neo-natalogy.
  1. d)Examination of child.
  1. e)Diet definition and immunity.
  1. f)Baby care according to ayurveda.
  1. g)Common diseases in children and solution
  • 8. Sutika paricharya.
  1. a)Sutika aahar
  1. b)Sutika abhyangam
  1. c)Post natal exercises.
  1. d)Role of meditation after delivery.
  • 9. Mantras used in Garbha Matha Sanskar
  • 10. Importance of Postures
  • 11. Soundarya in Garbhini and Sutika
  • 12. Agnihothra
  • 13. Case Presentation
  1. a)Before conception
  1. b)First Trimester
  1. c)Second trimester
  1. d)Third trimester


  • Every week One audio, video will be sent till 12 weeks.
  • Every week one topic will be covered in the form of notes (PDF).
  • Assignments at the end of every month. (Total 3 assignments each of 5 questions)
  • Last one week will be the doubt clearing session by E-mail and submission of the all the assignments and project submission.
  • Project topic will be given in prior.
  • Certification will be by Uvas Ayurveda (Affiliated with International Academy of Ayurveda).
  • Certification will be done only after the submission of assignments and projects (online submission).