Stree-Women care

Menstruation physiology and rajaparicharya...

This course is an online course with Capacity - 25 students

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Topics will be released containing audio/video file; ppt and doc file of each topic. Audio/video file can't be downloaded but ppt and doc are downloadable.

The students will not be able to login after 3 months with their id and password.

There will be a doubt solving session by mail at the end of every month. These sessions will also be available for listening for entire course tenure.

The course will start from 5th sep 2022 to 5th Dec 2022. The admission will open from June 20th 2022.

The medium of instruction will be English. The sessions and eligibility may slightly differ from Indian Students keeping in mind, it would be a completely new subject introduced.

Eligibility for Nutrition course - Internees with provisional registration, BAMS, M.D., Child educators, Physiotherapists, Degree holders in Yoga and naturopathy. B.Sc , M.Sc nutrition, Nutritionist and Dietician and everybody who want to be healthy following the Ayurvedic principles.


Dietetics course of Uvas Ayurveda is therapeutic Nutrition where we have dealt with every system, Diseases and life cycles in the form of Pathyapathya in context to Aahaar, Vihaar, Achaar, Vichaar and Aushadis in form of herbs.

Topic 1

Women care in Ayurveda


Topic 2

Menstruation physiology and rajaparicharya

Menstrual cycle

rajaswala paricharya

myths and facts

Topic 3

Yoni vyapat.vataja




(Comparatively study with modern vaginal diseases)

Topic 4

Arthav vyapad

A view to arthavvaha srotas

Artav shaya



(Menorrhagia,DUB,PCOD,Irregular periods)

Topic 5

Puberty and adolescence

Coping up with puberty.

Appropriate diet during this age.

Common problems and their solutions in Ayurveda.


skin problems



Topic 6

Menopause- Ayurvedic view.

Diet during menopausal age group.

Difference Between premenopause and menopause.

Dealing with menopause- Ayurvedic view.

Common problems during menopausal period and their solutions in Ayurveda.

Mood swings

Hot flushes

Anxiety & depression

Frequent infections and UTI


Topic 7

Hormone replacement therapy-

Ayurvedic view.

Alternative solutions for HRT.

Importance of diet, exercise and medicines in this stage.

Topic 8

Stantavaha srotas.

Anatomy and physiology in stanyavaha srotas according to ayurvedic and modern view.

Pathya apathya in stanyavaha srotas.

Common problems in stanyavaha srotas and their solutions in Ayurveda.

Breast care.

Topic 9


Ayurvedic and modern view.

Methods of contraception in Ayurveda.

Regularly practiced contraceptive methods like safe period etc.

Topic 10

Infertility._an ayurvedic view

Causes and treatment.

Topic 11

Common medicines used in womencare in Ayurveda.

Topic 12

Bahya sthanik upakramas in stree roga

Yoni pichu(tampoos)

Yoni dhawana(vaginal wash)

Uttar basti

Dhupana(medicated fumigation)