Duration 3 Months (Yearly Once)

Indeed, the COVID-19 crisis has shown the ugly fractures in health inequities and healthcare systems and split these divides wide open.

The crisis has shown us that we need to change tactics for the next battle ahead for addressing both acute and chronic illnesses, or we will again miss our mark. We cannot allow the lessons from the pandemic to be erased from ourmemories.We need to adapt a Healthy lifestyle and the answer is Back to roots by following Ayurvedic Dinacharya, Ritucharya and Balancing the three pillars of health.

Learn in deep about the Nutrition in our unique ONLINE NUTRITION COURSE

This course is an online course with Capacity - 25 students

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Topics will be released containing audio/video file; ppt and doc file of each topic. Audio/video file can't be downloaded but ppt and doc are downloadable.

Access of course videos will be only for 3 months untill the course ends

There will be a doubt solving session by mail at the end of every month. These sessions will also be available for listening for entire course tenure.

The course will start from 11th March 2023 to 10th June 2023.

The medium of instruction will be English. This course has french and spanish translation in form of subtitles and also notes in french and spanish. The sessions and eligibility may slightly differ from Indian Students keeping in mind, it would be a completely new subject introduced.

Eligibility for Nutrition course - Internees with provisional registration, BAMS, M.D., Child educators, Physiotherapists, Degree holders in Yoga and naturopathy. B.Sc , M.Sc nutrition, Nutritionist and Dietician and everybody who want to be healthy following the Ayurvedic principles.


Nutrition and dietetics plays an important role in the well being of a normal individual as well as patient. Superficially we may feel that the modern nutrition is far different from the ayurvedic nutritional principles mentioned in our samhitas. But as we take a closer look we understand that infact both these sciences are complimenting each other.

Ayurveda has mentioned about the bio mechanics of digestion, role of agni, aahar vidhi vidhan, agraya dravyas , nithya upoyogi dravyas, concept of shad rasathmak aahar, concept of virudh aahar, vessels to be used while cooking and many more. If we can implement our principles in this modern era our kitchen itself will become a pharmacy.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Basic principle of ayurveda
  • 3. Concept of agni and ama.
  • 4. Aahar poshan Nyaya and Bio metabolism
  • 5. Rasa, Virya, vipaka, Prabhava.
  • 6. Samanya and vichitra prathyarabdha dravya.
  • 7. Agrya dravya
  • 8. Nityaupoyogi dravyas (A view to balanced diet)
  • 9. Principle of nutrition (Ashta aahar vidhi vidhan and aahar vidhi vishesh).
  • 10. Sanskaras in cooking / Utensils used in cooking.
  • 11. Classification of Aaharya dravya
  • 12. Contradictory food (Virudha aahar)
  • 13. Assessment of constitution, food according to constitution.
  • 14. Food according to season.
  • 15. Food according to age, mind.
  • 16. Kitchen pharmacy.
  • 17. Kitchen garden
  • 18. Ahara chikitsa.
  • 19. Disease and diet.

Objectives of the course

Introduction to basic principles of nutrition and dietetics in Ayurveda and modern science. Diet planning from infancy to old age. Diet planning in different diseases. Learn to prepare healthy and yet delicious recipes. Effective diet counseling, Identifying nutrition problems and assessing the nutritional status of patients in a clinical setting. Developing diet plans and counseling patients on special diet modifications. Assessing, promoting, protecting, and enhancing the health of the general public in a community setting and providing strategies for prevention of nutrition-related diseases.


  • Every week two audio, video will be sent till 12 weeks.
  • Every week two topics will be covered in the form of notes (PDF).
  • Assignments at the end of every month. (Total 3 assignments each of 5 questions)
  • Last week will be the doubt clearing session by E-mail and submission of the all the assignments and project submission.
  • Project topic will be given in prior.
  • Certification will be by Uvas Ayurveda (Affiliated with International Academy of Ayurveda).
  • Certification will be done only after the submission of assignments and projects (online submission).