Basti is one of the pancha karma therapies in Ayurveda. In ayurvedic classics, basti is mentioned as...

Basti is one of the pancha karma therapies in Ayurveda.

In ayurvedic classics, basti is mentioned as the best treatment for vata related disorders.

Certain herbal oils, extracts, Decoctions etc.are applied through the rectum (like enema) daily for a prescribed time, helps in removing all the doshas especially vata through the colon


  • Paralysis,
  • Hemiplegia,
  • Colitis,
  • Obesity,
  • Cervical spondylosis,
  • IBS,
  • Constipation,
  • Backache,
  • Sciatica,
  • Digestive disorders etc.

Basti is a treatment procedure in which liquid medicines such as decoctions and fats mixed with honey, saindhava lavana, herbal powders are administered through anal route.

Indications for Basti:-

  • Vata disorders like ama vata, sandhi vata, grudhrasi, rakta vata etc
  • In Infertility it is used as one of the shodhana treatments.

Types of basti

  • *Anuvasana basti- also called as sneha basti- in which medicated oils, ghee and fats are used to administer basti.
  • *Niruha basti- also called as asthapana basti or kashaya basti- in which herbal decoctions are used to administer the enema.
  • *Uttara basti- basti administered through urethral or vaginal route.

According to acharya susruta, different types of bastis are:-

  • *Shodhana basti- cleansing enema
  • *Lekhana basti-effective in treating obesity or to promote weight loss
  • *Snehana basti -provides lubrication
  • *Brumhana basti- to enhance or improve sapta dhatus or to promote weight gain

Another classification of basti:-

  • *Karma basti- 30 bastis are administered as a course. Anuvasana and Niruha vasti are administered on alternative days.
  • *Kala basti- 16 bastis are given.
  • *Yoga basti- 8 bastis are administered in total

  • *Matra basti- It is a type of sneha basti in which the amount of sneha used is half of anuvasana basti which is 6 tola approximately 60 ml. This comes under nitya basti category.

The beauty of matra basti is there is no pathya (dietetic and lifestyle restrictions) while undergoing matra basti.

Precautions to be taken before and after basti:-

  • *Niruha basti should be always given in empty stomach
  • *Anuvasana basti should be given immediately after taking food.

The proper use of basti chikitsa cures the diseases and boosts immunity and promotes longevity.

The Panchakarma encompasses five treatments that can prevent and heal a number of physical, mental and emotional disorders and illnesses.

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