Garbha Sanskar Technique  for a Healthy Pregnancy

Garbha Sanskar

Pregnancy is the celebration of life it is not limited to superficial fortification of calcium, and folic acid tablets. There is much more to it than nutritional support. it is a wonderful feeling of exhilaration, excitement and anticipation to experience another Heart beating within you.


Garbha Matha Sanskar a book on welcoming womb by Dr.Priya Jain aims to prepare aspiring parent couples for pregnancy wellness by nurturing and nourishing the fetus in the womb, in mind, spirit and body. It aims for mothers to prepare for childbirth and also for fetal development.


Abhimanyu Therapy aims to develop a baby with positive values in the womb itself. In addition, ensure the expectant mother’s health regarding food habits and lifestyle.


There is no going away from our roots and culture in modernism. Ayurvedic pregnancy is about bringing it back and implementing it in the modern world.


Beliefs in Ayurveda are deeply rooted in traditions and custom that states that both the mother and child need to be nourished, protected and cared for in the best possible manner. This ideology refers to Garbha sanskara.


The name Garbha Matha Sanskara has an intricate meaning Garbha refers to Baby. Matha means the mother Sanskara means the process of instilling values and the events involved. The bond between the parents and the unborn child is endearing and full of hope. This total process can be divided into 3 parts.

  • Beeja sanskara
  • Garbha sanskara
  • Bala sanskara (Fetal growth and development)


According to Ayurveda, there are four important steps of a healthy pregnancy. The mother’s womb, the proper nutrition of the mother and nutrition of the baby and finally the healthy ovum and sperm of the parents.


This  GARBHA MATHA SANSKAR evolves pre-natal education

pre –pre-conceptional care, antenatal, post-natal, and fetal care as a whole. In total, there are shodasha( 16 )  sanskaras one has to practice for a whole lifetime.


The book on GARBHA MATHA SANSKAR completely deals with Ayurvedic pregnancy, prenatal yoga, prenatal meditation, pregnancy tradition, Fetal growth, and Pregnancy mantras.


So for a healthy pregnancy and child birth all the garbha sanskar techniques are to be followed under proper guidance.