Garbha Sanskar

GarbhasanskarUnlocking the wonders of Garbha Sanskar

Pregnancy is not just iron and calcium pills it is much beyond that. Prenatal education and pre-natal care start right before conception. Ayurveda plays an important role in pre-conception and pregnancy planning. So garbha sanskar can be referred to as a holistic pregnancy where more emphasis is given to fetal bonding.

Babies’ early learning starts right in the womb. The baby’s first sound and most familiar sound for babies is the mother’s heartbeat. That is the only reason babies calm down when they are taken to the mother’s chest.

Next coming to the womb music or garbha sanskar music is yet another important pregnancy ritual which is followed along with prenatal meditation.

Pregnancy traditions in India also known as sanskaras wherein a few are in the womb. seemanthanayana- baby shower is one of the sanskar celebrated as the ritual of pregnancy.


Pregnancy depends upon different activities done by garbhini during the entire period which may be pregnancy mantras, prenatal nutrition, pregnancy tradition, pre-natal yoga, pre pre-natal meditation. All these help in the fetal growth

development physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In Ayurveda, pregnancy is nothing but the well-being of mother and child physically, mentally, and spiritually leading to the baby with good values who would be an asset to society. So garbha sanskar plays an important role in achieving the goals of

  • Healthy mother
  • Healthy baby
  • Healthy societyGarbhasanskar

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